Keeping up with trends can be exhausting. However, certain trends are everlasting. Whether you are looking for small living room interior design trends or opt for basic, being able to decorate your living room the way you want is always pleasant.

Adding texturing with Boucle, velvet, art displays, more seating, and entertainment spaces draw the attention of people in the room. Colors such as blues and pale purples are everlasting and loving trends for living rooms. Lately, accent walls have also been noticed to be pushed to the side, and framing has been in.

In this article, we have discussed in depth the latest trends and designs you can opt for in your living room. Stick to the end to find out more about these trends.

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Living room trends are supposed to be a way of expressing yourself through your living room decor. That said, trends are always changing and reappearing.

However, we have mentioned some of the top trending living room interior designs down below –

Add Texture with Bouclé

Adding texture with a boucle is the easiest way to add definition to your dull and bland living room. There are several ways you can use this form of adding texture. You can also use this fabric for the couch, display mat, or curtains.

Add texture with Bouclé

The term boucle refers to looped fibers, providing a fuzzy-like texture that can help add a variety of textures to your living room. Adding this fabric throughout your small living room can offer a sense of fun and excitement while making it appear spacious and wide open.

You can also use this fabric for artwork, tools, and cushion covers. The use of this fabric in small living rooms has been significantly rising lately and has been very on-demand and on-trend.

Velvet Still Reigns Supreme

Velvets are the epitome of luxury that has always reigned supreme and has never been out of trend. These fabrics and materials have always been known to add a constant touch of the luxury element to make any place seem much more sophisticated without being overwhelming.

You can always rely on velvet curtains and table runners to make your small living room seem elevated and extravagant. While curtains and table runners are the common choices for living rooms, you can always play around with your choice of options. Using embroidered velvet throw blankets, cushion covers, and table mats can also be a fun use of the fabric.

No matter how you use velvets, it will help your room appear much more elegant. However, since these are heavy fabrics, it won’t allow much light to pour through if you use them as curtains.

The Art of Display

Adding art displays is easily trending in this time and age to add a bit of luxury and a sense of drama to your room. This is especially the case when adding art pieces to your living room. Regardless of how big or small it is, adding varying sizes, themes, and types of artwork can add a sense of sophistication that no other decor pieces can do.

The Art of Display

Varying forms of artwork have been drawing the attention of new homeowners lately, causing an uprise and demand for them. Adding sets of small pieces of artwork on the walls of a small living room can add an interesting look to the room.

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands on your artwork. Several upcoming artists sell beautiful art pieces at reasonable prices to help decorate your living room.

Blue Hues

Blues are comforting colors that are soothing and calming to the eyes. Adding a pop of blue throughout your living room can make it seem lively and fun to be in. Whether you add blue to your art piece or use it on your curtains and couches, it will add an inviting and comforting sensation to the room.

You can also opt for pale and pastel blues to bring a softer side to the interior design of your living room. However, opt for royal and navy blues for the pop if you’re hoping to make the interior seem bold and striking.

Interior design trends are always changing, but blue has always been a top choice for this room. The shade of blue you choose helps you feel calm, relaxed, or energetic.

More Seating Areas

One practical living room interior design trend that has been of help is ensuring you have adequate seating space for everyone. Whether by adding tools, beanbags, or ottomans, each can seamlessly incorporate itself with your choice of aesthetic and interior design.

More Seating Areas

Adding more seating arrangements in your living room could elevate your interior design and make it all harmonize. Lately, people are also opting for floor beds and seating arrangements too to ensure everyone can grab a seat and relax together. Luckily you are open to several different options to choose from for your preferred aesthetic.

Getting multipurpose tools can be a smart way to make use of the space on the inside while serving your purpose. Not only are these practical, but they also feel rather fancy too. You can also add mats, rugs, and carpets to bring your entire interior design for your living room together.

Look To Nature To Feel Inspired

There is no better inspiration to look for than looking outdoors in nature. It is one of the most used tricks interior designers use to seek inspiration regardless of the image they have in mind. Looking at nature could help you decide on the color palette you want, the textures, and the overall aesthetic of your living room.

You can find the most exciting colors and textures that would compliment living room aesthetics from nature. You may also get inspiration from nature by combining specific color palettes and textures too.

It can help you incorporate specific color schemes, such as varying shades of greens and browns. You can also add trees, succulents, and faux plants to make it seem more natural-friendly.

Adding water features can also be a nice touch to feel closer to nature right from your living room. All of these combined together can help bring about your interior design for your living room and make it more comforting.

Look To Nature To Feel Inspired

Muted Graphics

If you like the artistic side of love, adding muted graphic designs to your living room walls just might be what you need. These designs can easily make your living room more fun, lively, and energetic.

However, in order for this style of design to work well with your interior design, you must be very careful. Too many muted graphics on the wall can easily make your room seem chaotic and create a rush or panic for the people present in the room. Adding a touch of these patterns and designs to your living room wall can be an excellent way to express your artistic self.

Since most people spend most of their time in the living room, it is also the best place to add such muted graphic designs to the wall. While adding these designs can be fascinating, you must be careful for them to incorporate themselves well with your interior design.

Goodbye Accents, Hello framing

One trend that has been making rounds lately for the small living room interior design trend is parting ways with accent walls and introducing frames. This means instead of having a wall painted differently from the rest of the walls; you are now picking one wall and adding art and elements to it in frames.

Hello framing accents in living room

The piece of art does not necessarily need to be framed literally. You can get a series of art pieces that is a continuation of one art over multiple pieces. This can be an easy way to bring attention to the art piece and help your living room interior decor to come together.

The reason this approach towards small living room design has been making rounds is that it brings everything together. Your entire living room appears more cohesive and relaxing to be in.

Entertainment Spaces

Entertainment spaces are the heart and soul of a living. Similar to how a living room is that of a home. Having your entertainment space well organized, arranged, and decorated could easily draw your guest’s attention. A well-thought-out and sorted entertainment cubby will make them feel at home and keep boredom at bay.

People have recently gravitated more toward a sleek, sophisticated, and open entertainment space. Adding cabinet doors, glass doors, or dividers is not trending anymore. Rather, an open space with multiple shelves and a center television is more of the desired approach.

Adding your preferred board games, gaming consoles, and a few art pieces will also make the space seem fun. Moreover, adding art pieces will make the area feel more adult-like and make it seem more mature.

Entertainment Spaces

High Style Accessories

High-style accessories refer to the chic, sophisticated, elegant style with minimal artistic efforts. It refers to the style of being monotonous or incredibly well-cohesive. For the most part, contrasting colors are pushed to the side, and corresponding colors are preferable for such styles.

Adding chandeliers, large and framed art pieces, and chic and complimenting color palettes are the top priorities for high-style accessories. You may also opt for fancy decor pieces that could be the center of attention in the room.

Accessorizing the living room with a simple yet elegant approach is the key to such styles. Opting for a similar color palette to make the room seem more harmonious and comforting can also be a great option.

However, you must remember to stay on the top and be moderate, as such styles can easily make the room appear cluttered and chaotic. The goal is to make the room seem spacious, wide open, and comforting.

Multi-Functional Space

Getting multifunctional elements for your living room can come in handy and is a lifesaver. Investing in such pieces can truly change your game in ways you wouldn’t expect. Such elements can help your space appear less cluttered and more comforting. This can help with the visual appearance of your space and make it seem more spacious with minimal effort and clutter.

Getting couches that can be converted into full-size beds is a smart way to save space while being fully practical. Seating tools that are hollow inside can allow you to store your seasonal items and keep them safe. Similarly, getting tables with additional storage spaces can help tuck away items you may only need seasonally.

Luckily, these multifunctional elements come in varying fun shapes, sizes, designs, and themes to suit your interior design. This is why you don’t have to worry about these seeming boring and dull.

Multi-Functional Space

Living Room Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to your living room can easily help you feel calm, relaxed, and at peace in no time. It is the easiest way to feel more connected to nature if the outdoors aren’t as easily accessible to you as you wanted them to be. There are several ways you could incorporate nature into your living room aesthetics and designs.

Adding natural elements is very easy as you can literally add a touch of it anywhere from the ceiling to the floor and on the walls. You can add wooden beams and pillars to create a rustic cottage-like feel in the living room.

Meanwhile, adding wooden floors can feel rather calming and peaceful too. You can also opt for textured rustic wooden floorboards if you want to amplify your living room’s natural feel.

Adding touches of greeneries, plants, leaves, and flowers can make it all come together and elevate your interior design for your living room.

Final Words

Being able to design your own living room is the best way to add a touch of personalization to your room. Regardless of the type of room it is or how you want to decorate it, thoroughly research and figure out your style. Look for inspiration everywhere and only implement them when you have a proper vision for the room.

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