It is important to ensure living rooms are well-decorated. The color on the walls needs to be ideal for relaxing here. However, living room color trends are constantly changing.

Depending on your choice, you can opt for a deep-dark and bold look or a light, soothing and calming look in your living room. The color combinations lately are never ending and tend to change every now and then. These colors have been rising in demand, from rich neutrals, muted pastels, and pale purples to coordinating woodwork, green and blue, and restful blues.

In this blog, we talked about the colors that are making headways and statements lately. Go through this article till the end to find out which color is more up your alley and fits your aesthetic.

The color you choose for your living room says a lot about you since most families spend most of their time in this room. It is important to be very specific and careful when making this decision.

We have mentioned our top choices for living rooms down below. Take a look at them here –

Rich Neutrals

Rich neutrals are always the top choice for any room’s chic and sophisticated feel. These are the go-to colors to bring about a light, airy, and spacious appearance for living rooms.

Colors such as beige, cream, and varying shades of ivory are the perfect choices to go with if you prefer filling your room with light. These colors are very forgiving as they seamlessly blend into any sort of decor and aesthetics of the room.

Rich neutrals such as creams, grays, browns, and blacks are some of the easiest colors to work with for living rooms. These can easily be seamlessly paired with any couch, shelf, or table. Moreover, you can go for bright-colored decors such as blues, yellows, and reds for a contrasting look.

Rich Neutrals and Green and Blue living room

Green and Blue

Greens and blues for living room walls are for those who like the bold look that steals the show. These colors have a gray undertone that beautifully complements a light and appealing look with a bold touch.

Varying greens and blues are typically used on the accent walls of the living room. Initially, it might seem daunting, but when paired suitable with complimenting decor, chairs, and art pieces, everything comes together beautifully.

Experts say these colors bring a striking look to the room without being overwhelming. However, for these striking colors to compliment your room, you must know how and what you will pair them with. You must also be aware of the fact that these tend to darken the room a bit. This is why it is best to add multiple lights to balance out the lights.

Muted Pastels

Muted pastels are ideal for a softer and more delicate appearance in your living room. Muted pastels such as pinks, reds, blues, and green are the most common muted pastels people opt for lately.

You can use these colors to make the room feel light and airy. These colors best make the room bright and allow more light. Since the colors are muted, these are less striking than other colors. Thus, making the room feel more comforting and well-lit.

Muted pastels such as pinks, purples, and reds can be used for a baby girl’s nursery to bring about a feminine side. Meanwhile, blues, greens, and grays are typically used for baby boy’s nurseries.

That said, each can be used in living rooms, whether on each of the walls or as an accent wall. For a striking yet soft appearance, you can opt for terracottas, grays, and yellows to stand out.

muted pastels and Coordinating Woodwork

Coordinating Woodwork

Coordinating woodworks are one of the most sophisticated and luxurious options for a living room. Whether you go for textured woodwork or plain and simple, these colors and patterns are highly desired and are quite expensive.

You also have the option to go for wallpapers and paints as well. Regardless, both of these are highly desirable for living rooms. That said, if you opt for wooden beams on the ceiling and for pillars, you might be paying quite a bit more than wallpapers and paints.

There are several variations and colors of woodwork available for living rooms. Some shades of woodwork can appear quite dark and make the room dull. However, with a few lamps and lights, your living room can completely change its appearance and seem luxurious. Meanwhile, lighter shades of woodwork make the room seem bright, well-lit, and cozy to be in.

Cool and Warm

The composition of cool and warm tones is quite the combination that draws the attention of many. These combinations are highly desirable for people who like to add a touch of flair and contrasting color to their walls.

Combinations like these are best for accent walls in living rooms, allowing you to use both types of colors. When you’re working with multiple colors, it gives you the liberty of choosing whether you want the room to feel dark or light dominantly.

You can add a cool-toned color to the walls and warm-toned on one wall for a dominantly darker appearance to the room. For a lighter and bright-lit appearance to the room, go for a warm tone on most walls and a cool-toned color on one wall.

These combinations allow you the freedom to play around with decors, tables, and couches. You will not have to stick to a certain type of aesthetic and appearance in your living room with such combinations on the walls.

cool and Warm & Uplifting orange color

Uplifting Orange

Oranges are the colors for those who love striking, vivid, and bold appearances on the walls of their living rooms. The best part of choosing this color is that it is vibrant, striking, and seamlessly blends in with any decor.

Vivid colors such as oranges can bring a specific type of elegance to the room, even if you opt for minimalistic decors. With this color, you can easily pair a neutral couch, shelves, and other elements to the room.

If you choose orange for your accent wall, it will help give off a fun and playful look to the room while being visually pleasing. It will give off an energetic and vibrant look that makes you feel warm and inviting without feeling overwhelmed.

Decorating the room with orange is rather easy, as it can be paired with any color. Whether you want to go for an earthy look with the combination of orange and green or a summer feel with orange and blue, it is a very forgiving color.

Spice-Inspired Shades

Living room colors inspired by spices can bring about a rustic and inviting vibe to your living room. Colors such as oranges, reds, and browns are some examples of warm, inviting, and lively colors for living rooms. Depending on your choice, you can go for muted versions of these colors to bring about a just as striking but toned-down appearance in your room.

These colors are highly desirable and flexible to work with as they complement most types and colors of decors. You need to be careful with your choice of pigment for these colors, as they are widely available in varying shades.

You can opt for blues, greens, grays, and blacks can help compliment the spice-inspired colors off the walls in your living rooms. These colors also work great for accent walls, as they are vibrant and help you feel more grounded and energized.

Spice-Inspired Shades & Restful Blues color living room

Restful Blues

Blues are naturally rather soothing and peaceful to the human eye. The plethora of shades and tones for blues are impressive and suitable for any aesthetic of your living rooms. Such colors help bring a sense of calm to your eyes and mind. Thus, allowing you to feel relaxed and mentally at ease when the room is properly and well-decorated.

Blues are rather inviting and soothing and help one feel safe. Having your living room painted or wallpapered in your preferred shade of blue allows the room to feel comfortable. Pairing decors in this room will also be much easier as these colors can be used as base and accent wall colors.

However, blues can also cause some to feel a sense of fear or sadness if they are already sad or stressed. This is why it is crucial to ensure you choose the right shade of blue for your living room where people can feel calm.

Pale Purple

Pale purples are such pleasing colors to paint in your living room. Whether it is a muted pale purple or a darker shade of pale purple, these colors can help bring about an inviting feeling to the room. Not only are these visually pleasing, but pale purples are also known to help soothe one’s mind and offer a sense of safety.

These shades of purple help the room feel comforting, light, airy, and bright. With adequate light pouring through the room, you won’t be in need to add extra light fixtures in the room. Pale purples are known to seamlessly blend into most people’s aesthetics, whether they prefer a bold and striking or minimalistic. This is why, lately, these colors have been steadily in demand.

Because it is such an easy color to work with, you can use pale purple on all of your walls or choose it as an accent wall against creams and whites. Golds, blacks, reds, and yellows are some colors you can use to decorate the room to complement the walls.

Pale Purple and Grounding Green Color living room

Grounding Green

Grounding greens are a relatively new choice of color for living rooms that have consistently been on the rise in demand. This color is best for those who prefer a darker vibe to their room, as it has a dark blue-gray undertone. Surprisingly, it has been proven to be a very flexible color.

This shade of green causes your room to seem a little dark and gloomy when paired with neighboring colors such as grays, blues, and blacks. However, pairing against creams, off-whites, and beiges can drastically change the room’s appearance.

Generally, this color is incredibly easy to pair with as it can easily cater to your need for the room’s appearance. Decorating the room with this color can help the room feel much more spacious and elegant.

You can also pair pinks against the green on the walls, as they will still appear surprisingly appealing. Golds are another great option to go against greens to bring about a sense of luxury just by being there.

Final Words

Every year, changing the furniture or interior decor is a hassle, so it’s better to reuse or refine the designs to avoid the hassle. It is a smart move and investment to reduce the environmental impacts.

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