Lately, in Bangladesh, the sights of some significantly impressive duplex houses have become the new norm. These houses are said to be just as visually beautiful as they are capable of withstanding nature.

It is obvious that these houses have been very well thought of and a lot of consideration in terms of their design has gone into it. Creating a modern Duplex house design in Bangladesh: an in-depth guide can understandably help give you a better look into what exactly goes into building and designing these houses.

This article will provide you with a basic idea of what to expect while building your dream house. We will also discuss all the ins and outs that go into the building and designing process of the house.

Building a building requires making a lot of critical decisions and taking a lot of considerable factors into account.

To ensure your house wins the test of time and stands its ground in the long run, you must be aware of several factors deeply embedded in your head.

Some of these factors are mentioned below –

Factors To Consider When Designing A Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

Location Of The Property

The location of your property determines how expensive, luxurious, and large the house is going to be. The neighborhood also plays a very important role in determining how much you might need to spend in the making of your duplex house.

Size Of The Plot

Even if your plot is too large, there are always chances you may not be able to utilize the entire space for your duplex house. It may be because of legal issues or unstable ground, incapable of withstanding the weight of your duplex house.

Zoning Regulations

Abiding by zoning regulations can go a long way in ensuring your house does not interrupt the law. Typically, zoning regulations include the height, bulk, or density, as well as floor area ratio are some of factors to consider to abide by the zoning regulations.

Architectural Styles

Architectural styles are extremely important in reflecting the homeowner’s styles, preferences, and personalities. The way your house looks is not only going to be expressive of yourself but also help understand how much of the land is being put to use.

Duplex house Architectural Styles

Building Materials

It is vital to ensure you use high-quality, reliable, and long lasting products and materials. These will help provide you the mental peace of knowing the foundation of your building is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding natural disasters.

Even cheaper products and materials can provide a long lasting and structurally sound foundation when used right.

Energy Efficiency And Sustainability

Energy efficiency and sustainability awareness will help reduce energy resource reduction and substantially decrease carbon emissions. Leveling up your energy efficiency will also lead to lower utility bills, and stable electricity prices among others too.


Being aware of your budget has got to be the most important factor to bear in mind when building your dream duplex home in Bangladesh. Losing sight of your budget at any point during the construction can drastically slow down any progress and can halt the entire process of it

Duplex House Design Trends In Bangladesh

Trends are always coming back and are embraced uniquely each time. Some of the house trends that can be seen in Bangladesh for duplex houses lately have been very well embraced.

In this section, we have mentioned some rising duplex house design trends below –

Duplex House Design Trends In Bangladesh

Minimalist Designs

Minimalist designs have been trending quite a lot lately. The visual aspect of a minimally yet fully functioning and furnished home has been trending.

This may be due to the low-maintenance and clean look that the aesthetic offers. Regardless, there has been a significant rise in such minimalistic duplex house trends in Bangladesh

Tropical Design

Tropical designs are always fun, vibrant, vivid, and lively. When the house is themed or adorned in such lively colors, it will naturally bring about a similar effect among the people present.

Feeling more energetic and active would be a natural response from the body to the tropical designs, colors, and aesthetic of the house.

Fusion Designs (Combining Traditional With Modern Elements)

The art of fusing together traditional and typical designs along with certain modern elements requires extensive amounts of patience and knowledge about fusion.

At times, such combinations can be overwhelming and confusing. However, when done right, it can be gorgeous. Hence, the rise in such fusion trends for duplex houses in Bangladesh.

fusing together traditional and typical designs

Importance Of Choosing A Home Design That Suits The Owner’s Style And Preferences

Being able to build a house that appropriately reflects your personality and style is an amazing way to add a touch of personalization.

It is important to ensure the design, structure, and aesthetic suits the homeowners in order for it to be comfortable to live in. The appropriate balance and aesthetic of both the house and the owners will also make the house stand out and be easily identifiable.

Planning The Layout Of Your Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

Planning the layout of a duplex house can be incredibly stressful and tiring. There are so many factors that go into the planning alone that it can become difficult to keep track of.

To help you keep track of all of these, we talked about some key factors in this section –

Planning The Layout Of Your Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

Factors To Consider When Planning The Layout Of Your Duplex House

Before you begin working on your duplex house, you must thoroughly consider all the factors that go into planning the layout for it.

There are too many aspects you need to be aware of when building the ideal duplex house in Bangladesh. The foundation, structure, design, and stability of the house are just as important as it is to be aware of the property, land, and zoning regulations.

Separation Of Your Private And Public Space

Being able to separate your private and public space is rather important in order to maintain your privacy.

It is crucial to ensure your outdoor space provides you with ample privacy without drawing in unwanted attention. This is especially important if you have kids.

Meanwhile, your private space and the interior should be the place where you are free to be yourself.

Maximizing Natural Light And Ventilation

Allowing as much natural light as possible to pour through and into your home is one of the best ways to illuminate your house.

Having access to natural light and proper ventilation can help you live better, healthier, and be exposed to vitamin-D from the comfort of your own home.

Adequate ventilation will also make your home to be light, airy, and as little congested as possible.

Maximizing Natural Light And Ventilation

Providing Ample Storage Space

Having access to additional storage space is always an added bonus with any house or apartments.

One must think about having adequate storage space when building a house for themselves as it allows you room for expansion.

Having additional storage space also allows you to maintain organization in your home by allowing you to store away anything that is not being used.

Integration Of Outdoor Spaces

When building a duplex house, it is both visually appealing as well as well-used leaving adequate outdoor space.

Having access to outdoor space within your home allows you to make use of that space by spending some family time, or by throwing parties.

You can also make use of this space by allowing kids to play, or simply just pull up a chair and relax for a while.

Choosing Building Materials For Your Duplex House In Bangladesh

The materials you choose to make use of in your duplex house are extremely crucial. This thoroughly thought-out consideration can determine how well ventilated, comfortable, and maintenance of your rooms are.

Hence, making the right decision in terms of materials is crucial for a long lasting house. Some reasons why should be careful and be aware of the advantages and disadvantages are as follows –

Choosing Building Materials For Your Duplex House

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Materials

Opting for a variety of materials comes with both advantages and disadvantages that you need to weigh in. Using a number of different materials all throughout your home prevents the monotonous feel and gives each room its own personality.

Using different types of textiles such as tiles, marbles, and other materials provide a distinct feel to the room.This allows you to decorate and furnish the room as you please to compliment the theme.

You may also use wallpapers, textures, decors, and other forms of flooring to experiment with different materials to suit your needs. All of which can easily be distinguished.

However, using different materials can also come with disadvantages too. It is likely for different materials to offer varying longevity. Tiles and marbles that require replacing may be out of production to go along with your existing tiles. The same can be said with wallpapers too.

Importance Of Choosing Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Materials

Choosing eco-friendly materials will help you in terms of budgeting as well as giving back to nature. Certain materials require to be well-maintained and regulated while others may not. This conflict in maintenance can cause a lot of stress due to temperature regulations, humidity, and cleanliness.

Importance Of Choosing Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Materials

 Choosing the right kind of material for your house is essential, especially, if you are opting for different materials for different purposes or in rooms.

In such cases, making use of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, straws, adobe brick, and stones can be a good idea. All of these materials are very low-maintenance and can easily level up your aesthetic in the room.

Another reason why choosing sustainable and eco-friendly materials can be beneficial is because these can be widely found all over.

Most of these materials can be locally sourced with ease and replaced if and when needed.

Decorating Your Duplex House In Bangladesh

Getting to decorate your house the way you please is a very big and monumental step. Decoration of the house is the very last step to go through before you move in on the house.

This is why we have talked a little about the ways you can decorate your duplex house below –

Incorporating Traditional Elements Into Modern Designs

A little bit of mix-and-match and experimenting with materials can always be fun. Having fun with the design and decor of the house must be the number one priority.

Being able to incorporate traditional with modern can be a very difficult task, but when done right, the results can be stunning.

Therefore, adding a touch of natural or traditional elements to your modern and edgy designed duplex house can be a level-up in terms of aesthetics.

Adding straw, clay, stone, timber, and mud work items with your edgy design and style of the house can make a bold statement and stand out.

Choosing Furniture And Decor

Choosing Furniture And Decor That Suits The Owner’s Style And Preferences

Suiting the requirements and preferences of the homeowner should always be at the top of your priority list. Depending on the owner’s style and aesthetic, each room should be able to make a statement.

Upon entering the house, guests should naturally be able to tell that a lot of thought and consideration went behind it.

The house and each room should be able to reflect the owner’s personality, mood, and a general aura of what it is like being around them. Whether bright, lively, colorful, or monotonous, each room should be self-explanatory of the idea behind its decor and design.

Final Words

Bangladesh has seen a lot of improvements in terms of its latest designs, and styles of homes. Especially when it comes to creating a modern duplex home in Bangladesh: an in- depth guide, there is no doubt about how far along architectures and designers, both interior and exterior have come.

It is obvious that building your own duplex dream house in Bangladesh is an extremely expensive project to deal with. Which is why it is recommended to be very thorough and precise with each aspect of it.

Taking in second opinions, thoroughly assessing each and every aspect is crucial in terms of ensuring longevity of your house. However, having fun while doing so is a MUST!


1. What is a duplex house?

Duplex houses are essentially two or more floors of apartments or fully functioning houses interconnected by a staircase.

This staircase allows the residents access to all the floors connecting via the staircase without having to get out of the house at all. These houses are rather spacious, with access to more rooms and storage spaces compared to regular apartments or one-story houses.

2. Why are duplex houses becoming popular in Bangladesh?

Duplex houses have seemingly become popular in Bangladesh due to the access to wider and larger spaces to work with. Not only that, but you can easily accommodate many people in your house at once and host parties with ease.

Since Bangladesh is a mass-populated country, duplex houses provide the owners with the flexibility of maintaining as much privacy as preferred.

3. What are the benefits of choosing a duplex home over a single-story home?

Duplex homes generally come with more than needed space to work with. There are additional and extra rooms that can be put to use in different ways while being in the same house.

Being on a different floor allows you access to easily move things from one floor to another or one room to another. You also gain access to a larger space that can be divided into sections as you please for your needs.

4. What are the factors to consider when designing a duplex home in Bangladesh?

Designing a duplex home certainly requires a lot of consideration about the structure stability, foundation strength, plot size, along with the land available to use.

There are several other aspects that go into consideration. However, these are some of the basics that need very close attention and analysis to ensure the safety of lasting and being safe in the house.